We offer workshops as either a stand-alone service or to accompany any of our shows. Each workshop uses interactive theater techniques to dramatically bring issues to life in a dynamic, hands-on experience and can be adapted to the campus or the workplace. You can choose from an existing roster of topics or we can design curriculum to fit your needs.

Role-play Workshops

Either as stand-alone service or to accompany our shows, RPWs are designed to sensitize participants to a specific issue (i.e., diversity, bias, student or staff conflicts) and use role-play to engender empathy, discussion and self-reflection. They are a safe and creative way to allow participants to think critically about important issues, enhance communication and identify positive solutions. Participants can choose from an existing curriculum or can have a workshop designed for the specific needs of the student body, staff, or organization. The time frame can range from 45 minutes to one week. Contact Emily Weiner at tel:646-228-2292″ to discuss your needs.

Sample Workshops

  • “Respecting Difference” Addresses diversity issues for students. Can be adapted for any grade level.
  • “Creating a More Inclusive Campus or Workplace” – Addresses diversity issues for staff in an academic or corporate setting
“The staff feedback after the workshop was overwhelmingly positive. Many teachers remarked that the workshop really encouraged them to think about how to be more inclusive with their individual curriculums. “ -Debora DiFronzo Teacher, Hastings High School

Creative Arts Intensives

Creative Arts Intensives are designed to inspire and guide groups in the creation of their own theatrical work, which they can use to educate others on issues central to their mission. Open to non-performers as well as experienced actors, we guide participants to access their creativity in service of issues they are most passionate about. Using theater techniques as a tool for expression, education and outreach, the CAI fosters group cohesion over a series of 1, 2, or 3 highly charged weekends of improvisation, free writing, theater games, and music. Participants will have an artist-guided creation of original theatrical work that can include scenes, songs, rap, poetry and movement.

“Building Houses”

(Creating Respect For All)

A workshop that uses performed vignettes from the acclaimed play BUILDING HOUSES ON THE MOON as a jumping off point for interactive creative exercises with students, fostering a rich classroom discussion about sexual orientation and gender identity issues, bullying, the role of straight allies, homophobia, family and peer relationships, and inclusion and safety at school. (For 10-60 students)

Storytelling Workshop

“The Missing Stories”

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” -“Maya Angelou” This workshop will explore our common humanity through the art of live storytelling and is especially tailored for communities whose stories have been largely unheard. (Past participants have included Survivors of Gun Violence, and the Families of Transgender Youth). This workshop will help participants identify a story inside they want to tell, and to craft to a 5-10 minute narrative to be shared with an invited audience at the culmination of the workshop. All will participate at their own comfort level. (3-6 workshops and performance.)

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