gUN COUNTRY & The Assignment

A theatrical exploration of firearms in America in two parts: true stories and an original play


Part 1, gUN COUNTRY: True stories by professional theatre artists and members of the community whose lives have been touched by guns. This program of live storytelling, previously seen in New York at Dixon Place, has been described by audiences as powerful, soul stirring, deeply moving, surprising, hopeful and even humorous.

Part 2,THE ASSIGNMENT, an original play by Camilo Almonacid and developed by Houses on the Moon Theater Company: An English Professor is shaken when a student’s personal essay describing an act of violence from the perpetrator’s perspective reopens long buried wounds.

THE ASSIGNMENT was inspired by a remarkable friendship between two individuals brought together by our storytelling workshops: A woman who founded a youth violence prevention program after her teenage son was murdered by street violence, and a man who found education and rehabilitation while serving 17 years in prison for manslaughter. Though a fictionalization, the seeds of the play were born from a mother’s desire to understand what caused another to take her son’s life, and a man’s need to express remorse and to try to reach lost young people before they take arms. The play explores the long-term emotional toll of violence from both sides of the gun barrel, and the struggle to forgive others and ourselves.