Gun Country Promo Approved


Jose Aranda, Rex Bobbish, Dashannon Bryant, Ian Eaton, Aija Marie Gibson, Brenda Currin, Cristina Hernandez, Ray Hernandez, Elaine Lane and Antonius Wiriadjaja

Curated by Jeffrey Solomon and Emily Weiner

Ensemble:  Lee Shapiro, Joanne Solomon and Chandler Vinton

Music provided by Andrew Ingkavet

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Over the past few months, Houses on the Moon Theater Company has conducted a series of creative storytelling workshops with people whose lives have been directly touched by gun violence.  This remarkable group is united in their belief that their stories of violence, loss, struggle and healing are an essential part of the national conversation about guns.

Our ensemble includes:

  • a mother who has harnessed her grief over the loss of her murdered son into a traveling memorial of some 3,000 pairs of sneakers, one for every teen killed the year her son died
  • a young man who is coping with his near death experience after being struck by a stray bullet, by daily photographing and blogging his recovery
  • a New York City police officer who formerly served in the US Navy

With the help of our community partners, New Yorkers Against Gun Violence and the States United to Prevent Gun Violence,  this is the first part of a longer developmental process we are conducting to develop an original theater piece that explores the impact of the gun and gun violence on American life.

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